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| Maze to the Stars Project
The Star(s) being the 28th Path of the Qabalah : Its Key being both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.

This maze can be characterized as a game of sorts where one must sneak past the wrath of the KKK, hurdle through a Ring of Fire, and avoid detection by the Grim Reaper in order to successfully attain access to the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Life / Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Ah, but one still has to confront the challenge of exiting the maze in order to get back to playa time in Black Rock City, Nevada. Let's say, for the moment, we must Haze the Grim Reaper ...

DIMENSIONS: 106' x 106' x 8-12'
MATERIALS: Outer walls = 4'x8' steel plate cutouts of KKKsmen and Grim Reapers. Within the Center Circle: seven 4'x8' steel plate cutouts of Archangels. Within the Ring of Fire: 16'x4' steel plate cutout of Lucifer. Inner walls = a series of 4'x8' wood panels. Tree of Life/Knowledge = Steel, copper & found objects.

To Participate: Please bring bibles (or other religious books), and any other offerings that may relate to your HOPES AND/OR FEARS to the Tree of Life / Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil so that they may be hung from the tree with red ribbons for a ritualistic burning.


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